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And I shall set aside the want ads

By Sy Safransky February 1974
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Sy’s Space

A cloudy, dreary day, sick with a cold, yet I want to mark the day, the year, to settle old accounts and begin something anew. It is what I am always up to, and I see how foolish it is, and how necessary.

By Sy Safransky January 1974
The Sun Interview

More Baba Ram Dass

You start with the energy to be somebody, then use it to become nobody.

By Sy Safransky January 1974
The Sun Interview

Baba Ram Dass

There Is No Energy Crisis!

In a recent interview, Ram Dass, who moves and speaks with an economy of energy suited to the times, suggests that the energy crisis is, “like all trauma, an exquisitely designed opportunity to reawaken man.”

By Sy Safransky January 1974