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Temple Sweeper

Rather than talking-about-doing, it is possible now to begin educating ourselves. The books listed below focus on Western techniques, and use standard disease classification. Clearly this represents only a limited aspect of well-being and self-care, but it is a convenient starting point.

By Val Staples February 1978

On The Astral Plane To Puerto Rico

I, Arthur Milstein, have had a shitty life. I have found difficulty finding gainful employment. I most recently had a position carving names on gravestones, but I was dismissed owing to poor spelling. I usually spell well but not under intense pressure.

By Karl Grossman December 1977
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Home Vs. Hospital: Everyone Loses

Traditions are cornerstones in any society. They develop out of what are usually common-sense responses to common needs. Usually, the needs are basic and deeply felt, and the responses are simple, becoming more sophisticated and complex as time passes and the society evolves.

By Dan Domizio April 1976
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Taking Responsibility

You want to give birth to your child naturally. You want childbirth to be a positive experience. You have read about, talked about and surely thought about the labor and birth that lie ahead. Maybe you have taken childbirth classes to prepare yourself.

By Cedar Koons April 1976
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Natural Birth: From Whiskey To Lamaze

It wasn’t long ago when all births were “natural” home deliveries. The birth of a baby was a common family affair attended by husbands and midwives for the most part. It was the exception when a doctor was present.

By Mike Mathers April 1976
The Sun Interview

Death And Other Cures

An Interview With Dr. Lobsang Dolma

“Illness,” she says, “is caused by your own actions in this or a former lifetime. Killing, stealing, and lying can draw illness to yourself.” In one out of ten illnesses, she continues, an evil spirit is present.

By Sy Safransky June 1975