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Thoughts On Community

An Interview With Stephen Gaskin

Each seed, each baby born, each word, each deed, all together now, creating the music of the world.

By Mike Mathers April 1975
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No One Is Waiting

We are the children of a new age — and we have gotten very high. Yet it feels like our ambitions are so much higher than our situations.

By Elyse July 1974


When you are at table, speak to none, keep your eyes lowered, and think of the heavenly table, of the food that is served thereon, which food is God Himself, and of the guests at this table, who are the angels.

St. Teresa of Avila

June 1974
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The Chapel Hill Syndrome

I’m not down on Chapel Hill. With me it’s a matter of finding out that I don’t have to live there in order to be up. I have not always felt this way. In fact, I had a bad case of what I call the Chapel Hill Syndrome.

By Fred B. Thompson May 1974
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Sy’s New York Diary

Everyone in high, high heels, reaching for heaven, an eyebrow raised above the clouds, trying to see.

By Sy Safransky April 1974
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An Awakening

I was sitting in a restaurant in Bombay enjoying a dosa masala for lunch when David popped in and asked if I would be interested in going to Ahmednagar with him.

By Nathan Brenowitz April 1974