Issue 90 | The Sun Magazine

May 1983

Readers Write

Three Wishes

Being hit by a car, driving through Wyoming in the snow, grabbing the wishing ring on the merry-go-round

By Our Readers


Give up revenge! I see any desire to “prove myself” as a sort of revenge, an angry rebuttal to someone else’s expectations. Only act out of joy.

Elizabeth Rose Campbell

The Sun Interview

The Depths Of A Clown

An Interview With Wavy Gravy

I got spotted by a plainclothes cop, who called the Secret Service and the FBI. He started patting me down and felt this bulge in my pocket. He said, “Is that a gun?” and took it out and these teeth started clicking on his hand. I said, “Quiet, our leader is speaking,” and he gave me back the teeth and said, “Get out of here, you’re too weird to arrest.”

By Howard Jay Rubin
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Random Notes On Spiritual Life

 If the discipline is prayer, pray! If meditation, meditate! Be constant. Doing — over the seconds and minutes and hours and days and months and years — has one singular and amazing advantage over thinking: for once there is the possibility that the student will know what he is talking about. 

By Adam Fisher
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All Men Are Brothers

Selections From The Writings Of Gandhi

I do not want to be reborn. But if I have to be reborn, I should be born an untouchable, so that I may share their sorrows, sufferings, and affronts levelled at them, in order that I may endeavour to free myself and them from that miserable condition.

By Mohandas K. Gandhi
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Gandhi’s Way To Peace

Most western students (I say most, not all), and interpreters of Mahatma Gandhi have understood him in a rather narrow sense. They have seen his non-violence, his Satyagraha and his pacifism in terms of war and resistance. They have ignored a very important section of his philosophy which is about the reconstruction of a peaceful society. War to him was only a by-product of our economic and political systems, a symptom of wrong relationships among human communities. There is no point in resisting war if we do not remove the causes of war.

By Satish Kumar

Do Not Pass Stop

The explorer and his faithful companion from a different cultural group left the main party at base camp and set out on the last lap to the North Pole. As they traveled steadily across the arctic wastes, the usually reserved explorer became more and more excited, expressing his feeling by shouting the hog calls of his youth. His lifelong North Pole goal was at last within reach.

By Anne Herbert