Issue 88 | The Sun Magazine

March 1983

Readers Write

Brothers And Sisters

Forgiveness, gratefulness, an uncomfortable dinner

By Our Readers


The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.

Joanna Rogers Macy

The Sun Interview

Still Moving

An Interview With Tai-Chi Teacher Jay Dunbar

Tai-Chi takes extraordinary discipline and perseverance to gain any degree of mastery, and yet, it’s ideally suited to someone who’s interested in a complete series of exercises to do in a short period of time every day. It’s a Taoist paradox.

By Susan Wallin
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Stealing Souls

Thoughts On Photography

I never took quite the same kind of photograph again. From that moment on I regarded the taking of a photograph as a personal act, as personal as the writing of a poem — deep and perilous, intellectual and beautiful.

By John Rosenthal
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Excerpts From Seuphor And Natalie And The Word Accomplished

Above all: If you feel the need to create you must put it before all the rest. Not abandon the rest, this would be a serious mistake. But make all the rest serve the essential.

By A.B. Christopher , Natalia d’Arbeloff & Michel Seuphor

News From El Corizon

In The Composing Room

Well you tell your mom you can sleep on the floor here tonight, I tell her, if nothing else turns up. And I’m thinking that blankets thrown down for them on a bare floor in the apartment of strangers isn’t much to offer, they will have to be pretty desperate to accept an offer like that.

By Pat Ellis Taylor