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April 2024


Jennifer Bowen would like to take over your hobby farm at no cost to her. Until then she continues to direct the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop and finish work on her debut essay collection, which is forthcoming in 2025.


Chelsea Bowlby’s fiction has appeared in Story and Joyland. Her childhood fear was realized in 2020 when a tornado hit her house in Nashville, Tennessee. She now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, daughter, dog, and two elderly cats.


Finn Cohen is an associate editor of The Sun.


Alison Luterman lives, works, and coaches other writers from a hundred-year-old house in Oakland, California. For the past few years she’s been learning basic music theory and how to play piano and sing. She’s slowly making progress.


Matthew Siegel is the author of the poetry collection Blood Work. He lives in Oakland, California.


Glenn Stowell lives north of Boston, Massachusetts, with his wife, his daughter, and a retired racing greyhound. Professionally he trawls so-called emerging markets in pursuit of investment prospects. Not-so-professionally he once played goaltender for the New York Rangers.


Leath Tonino has been scraping by as a freelance magazine writer for fifteen years. His career is less a ladder than a treadmill, which is fine because he loves walking, especially in the forests and mountains of Colorado where he lives.



Sol Anzorena was born in Argentina, raised in Spain, and now lives off-grid on the shore of Lake Superior. When she isn’t foraging mushrooms, she creates art and music. She’s currently illustrating a graphic novel about the adventures of her foolish dog, Reynard.


Edward Boches spends most days navigating the streets of Boston, Massachusetts, on his folding bike. He makes a point of photographing at least one stranger a day.


Eric Davidove lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. When he is not teaching yoga or walking other people’s dogs, he explores the city streets with his camera.


Abigail Davis is an art student at Utah State University. She lives in Logan, Utah, with her husband and dog. You can follow her on Instagram: @abigaildavisphoto.


Rafa Euba worked as a psychiatrist in London for many years. He firmly believes that humans are not meant to be happy and has even written a book about it: You Are Not Meant to Be Happy: So Stop Trying!


Michael Galinsky has been publishing images in The Sun for thirty-five years, and he would love to make it thirty-five more. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Marilyn Lemmon is a retired cancer researcher enjoying the alpine life in Mount Shasta, California.


Dan Pearlman is a street photographer and jazz musician who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His photographs of New Orleans festivals will become a book someday, once he gets around to finishing it.


Lori Pond is a visual artist who lives in Los Angeles. She used to live within walking distance of Disneyland and has drawn inspiration from the park to create images that cross boundaries. More than anything she enjoys petting her dog, Kellie.


Reuben Radding moved to New York City in 1988 and began walking the streets. The camera came later, offering a new way to discover himself: by looking at everybody else.


Kentaro Watanabe has been working at a luxury hotel in Tokyo for fifteen years. He likes to do street photography, but he also shoots portraits.


On The Cover

Gloria Baker Feinstein lives in Portland, Oregon. Her most recent book of photography, I Hope You Find What You’re Looking For, includes poems by former Oregon poet laureate Kim Stafford. When Feinstein and her husband sold many of their possessions at an estate sale, she took pictures to help her process the loss. The man on this month’s cover bought a couple of her husband’s ties.

image © Dan Pearlman

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