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March 2024


Robert P. Cooke is a retired teacher and safety trainer. He enjoys sitting at the kitchen table, writing poetry and looking out the window at his wife’s flowers. He lives in Highland, Indiana.


Mac Crane is a basketball player and sweatpants enthusiast who lives in California. They are the author of the debut novel I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself and a forthcoming novel about queer basketball players.


Wendy Drexler played krummhorns and recorders before serving as poet in residence at New Mission High School in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. Her latest book of poetry is titled Notes from the Column of Memory.


Cameron Dezen Hammon is the author of This Is My Body: A Memoir of Religious and Romantic Obsession. She teaches creative writing in Texas.


Samuel Jensen almost drowned in a swimming pool when he was five. His various water-based terrors have since been published in The Kenyon Review and Strange Horizons. He lives in Michigan, where he is working on a novel.


Staci Kleinmaier is the assistant editor of The Sun.


Kate Osterloh recently retired from the US Foreign Service to pursue her dream of racking up even more student-loan debt. She lives in southwest Colorado with her daughter.


Hank Stephenson is a writer, former bookseller, and a manuscript reader for The Sun. He is still adjusting to chilly Wisconsin while writing fantasy novels and improving his Brazilian jujitsu.



Nicholas Bell visited the mountains of Tennessee as a child and dreamed of living among them. Now he spends his time making photos in the very mountains that inspired him in his youth.


Aaron Bickford grew up feral on a nature preserve. Today he lives and works in the Pacific Northwest, where he uses his camera to gather light and stop time.


Cindy Hansen lives in Wisconsin. She is celebrating her first solo exhibition and publication of a book featuring four years of her self-portrait photography. The collection has been called both hilarious and disturbing.


John M. Harris has a passion for street photography. He’s a professor of journalism at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington.


Nik Kleinberg is a photojournalist, photo director, three-time Emmy Award winner, and a writer. He once piloted a Caribbean Express flight from the Bahamas to Miami with no prior flying experience. He’s currently living in Southern California, hiding from the FAA.


Eric McCollum is a photographer, writer, and aging hippie who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Laurie Minor is a frequent contributor to The Sun. Her work has been published in Photo Life and Cat Fancy. She lives in Ontario, Canada.


Byron Motley is a singer, songwriter, author, and photographer. His documentary, The League, about the history of Negro League Baseball, was featured at the Tribeca Festival in 2023.


Kayo Okada was born and raised in Japan and lives in Portland, Oregon. She’s been an avid street photographer since taking a photography class in college.


Reuben Radding moved to New York City in 1988 and began walking the streets. The camera came later, offering a new way to discover himself: by looking at everybody else.


Summer Starling is a clinical-trials strategist and hobbyist photographer. She lives with her husband and two boisterous toddlers on three acres in Durham, North Carolina.


On The Cover

Cyrille Druart has experimented in architecture, graphic design, and photography. The image on this month’s cover is of his girlfriend, Marine, in Berlin, Germany. A double-glazed window created the overlapping reflections.

image © Reuben Radding

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