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October 2019


David Barsamian founded Alternative Radio, a progressive public-affairs program, thirty-three years ago in Boulder, Colorado. His latest book, with Noam Chomsky, is Global Discontents: Conversations on the Rising Threats to Democracy.


Makana Eyre is a journalist whose writing has appeared in The Guardian, Columbia Journalism Review, and elsewhere. Originally from Hawaii, he now lives in Paris, France.


Evan Lavender-Smith is the founding editor of Noemi Press and the author of From Old Notebooks and Avatar. He teaches at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, where he binge watches nature documentaries and fakes illness to avoid going on hikes.


Becky Mandelbaum lives in Bellingham, Washington, where she edits a lifestyle magazine and dreams about owning 102 dogs. Her novel The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals is forthcoming from Simon & Schuster in summer 2020.


Angie McCullagh’s writing has appeared in X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine, Barren Magazine, and elsewhere. One of the best days of her life was spent tobogganing down the Great Wall of China. She lives in Seattle, Washington.


Bill McKibben is an environmentalist, author, and cofounder of, a nonprofit working internationally to end the use of fossil fuels. He teaches environmental science at Middlebury College in Vermont.


Elizabeth Poliner is the author of the poetry collection What You Know in Your Hands and the novel As Close to Us as Breathing. She teaches at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia.


Jory Post is the editor and cofounder of phren-Z, an online literary magazine. He lives with his wife in Santa Cruz, California, where they make book art as JoKa Press.


David Rutschman is the author of the story collection Into Terrible Light. A Soto Zen priest and hospice grief counselor, he lives in California with his wife and two children.


Carl Sagan was an astronomer and author who cofounded the Planetary Society. He died in 1996 at the age of sixty-two.



Shiiko Alexander is a photographer and artist who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Nancie Battaglia has photographed twelve Olympic Games. She lives in Lake Placid, New York.


Amy Drummond is a university student and guitar player who lives in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.


Noëlle Gaberman is a knitter, seamstress, farmhand, and photographer. She lives in the North Bay of California with her husband and two children.


Mykolas Juodele is a photographer from Vilnius, Lithuania. He learned Persian while traveling in Iran and has hitchhiked on three continents.


Lewis Koch lives in Madison, Wisconsin. After fifty years of making photographs, he is still taking a long look around.


Dan Koeck has hiked through Transylvania and biked through Cuba. He lives in Fargo, North Dakota.


Rick Lingo is a retired educator who took up photography at the age of sixty-six. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Vinícius Pinheiro is a graphic designer and digital artist from Montes Claros, Brazil. You can follow him on Instagram: @viniciuspinheirons.


Dmitriy Semenovskiy is a photographer who lives in Kiev, Ukraine. In his other life, he is a software engineer.


Cole Thompson’s goal is to move to the Faroe Islands and raise a pack of dogs. Until then, he lives in Laporte, Colorado.


Preston Utley uses his camera in place of a diary. He lives in Denver, Colorado.


On The Cover

Naomi Stolow is a photographer who lives in South Devon, England. She took the photo on this month’s cover in Svalbard, Norway, in 2018. The polar bear was hunting seals along the edge of a glacier.

image © Shiiko Alexander

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