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July 2017


Michael Fischer was released from state prison in 2015 and is currently earning two degrees to make up for lost time. He is managing editor of Sierra Nevada Review, and his essays have appeared or are forthcoming in River Teeth, Hotel Amerika, and The Rumpus.


Eaton Hamilton is the author of nine books of creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, most recently the novel Weekend. Hamilton lives in Vancouver, Canada, and has renewed marriage vows atop the Empire State Building, on the back of an elephant in Indonesia, in a hot-air balloon over the Namib Desert, and in a horse-drawn carriage under the Eiffel Tower. Even so, the marriage failed.


Arthur Koestler was a Hungarian-British author and journalist. Sentenced to death in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War, he spent months as a political prisoner in Seville, Spain, before he was eventually released as part of a prisoner exchange. He committed suicide at the age of seventy-seven after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and leukemia.


Mark Leviton was caught shoplifting a five-cent pack of baseball cards when he was eight years old but has managed to evade capture for various misdemeanors since then. He lives in Nevada City, California.


Colleen Mayo studies fiction at Florida State University in Tallahassee, where she lives in a little yellow house with her husband and cat. Her writing has been published in Bluestem.


Sybil Smith lives in Vermont on the Connecticut River. She no longer feels the need to dazzle the world with her eloquence, and her greatest joy comes from taking care of a baby. She has been sober for more than eight years.


Jean Valentine is the author of thirteen books of poetry, most recently Shirt in Heaven, published by Copper Canyon Press. She lives in New York City and is the recipient of a National Book Award.


Rachel Weaver is the author of the novel Point of Direction, which O Magazine named a Top Ten Book to Pick up Now in 2014. She has been false charged by a bear, a moose, and once, weirdly, a deer.



Meredith Abenaim’s images have been published in Off the Coast and F-Stop. She lives in North Reading, Massachusetts.


Nathan Adkins is a sixteen-year-old photographer from Commerce Township, Michigan.


Robert Graham is the art director of The Sun. He lives in Carrboro, North Carolina.


R.E. Hengsterman lives in Hurdle Mills, North Carolina. His work has appeared in Lotus-eater, Atlantis, and Adelaide. He is the father of seven children, including two sets of identical twins.


Jon Kral spent decades taking photographs for three daily Florida newspapers. His images have been published in Time, National Geographic, and Newsweek. He lives in Boone, North Carolina.


Andrew Mangum lives with his wife and children in Reisterstown, Maryland. His work has been published in Léte, The Washington Post, and Baltimore’s City Paper. He credits his sense of determination to the hours he’s spent on his skateboard, falling down and getting up again.


Edward Manning lives in Riegelsville, Pennsylvania, where he restores old homes and barns and rides a tricked-out Triumph Scrambler motorcycle.


Michelle Patton lives in Fresno, California, where she teaches English at Fresno City College. Her poems have been published in Southern Poetry Review, Atlanta Review, and ZYZZYVA. Photography is her hobby.


Lloyd Wolf has worked as a photographer for more than four decades. He lives in Arlington, Virginia, and one of his current projects is documenting street shrines for homicide victims in the Washington, D.C., area.


On The Cover

Joseph Rodríguez is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose work has been exhibited in Germany, the U.S., and Sweden. His photo on this month’s cover is of a former inmate and recovering addict named Marcos who works in the bakery at Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles. “I’m a two-striker,” he says. “Because of my criminal record, [if I reoffend] I automatically get twenty-five to life with no possibility of parole. I’m trying to walk a straight line.”

image © Andrew Mangum

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