The Ledge | By Lawrence Sargent Hall | Issue 482 | The Sun Magazine
482 - Sedwick - Hall

The Ledge

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Thank you for continuing to print fine writing, both contemporary and classic. One would expect that, as a former literature major, I would have come across Lawrence Sargent Hall’s work before. I read “The Ledge” four days ago. My chest still hurts.

Diane Murray Honeoye, New York

I went back and forth between believing that everything in Lawrence Sargent Hall’s story “The Ledge” [February 2016] would work out, and believing it was a tragedy in the making. I understand the effect it had on Sy Safransky as a father, and can attest that, even for a nonparent, it’s a haunting work of fiction.

John Bridges Quincy, Illinois
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