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July 1979

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Drug Experiences

Dogwood blooms scattered along the path looking like unreal party decorations; wonderfully visible auras of soft neon; hearing the one note that we and all we sense are merely harmonics of

By Our Readers
Sy Safransky's Notebook

July 1979


By the time you read this, Skylab may already have tumbled out of orbit and crashed back to Earth. I wish something else would tumble: the kind of mentality that put Skylab up there in the first place, with so little regard for the future.

By Sy Safransky


My life is my message.


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Facing The Struggle

(Part Two)

Fear of annihilation, I’ve tripped over you for years and now I see you clear. I had not realized before the grip and subtlety of your tentacles.

By Peg Staley
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There Is No School On The Sixth Floor

Georgia showed me the result of Danny’s labor. He was distributing his version of the assignment. It read, “Grab Danny and give him a kiss.” Mary reacted by walking straight at Danny. She didn’t speak or hesitate. She kissed him gently. Danny had met the real world and found a way to touch it without being hit in the face.

By Ron Jones
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Such sights should radiate to and from the seer like spokes from the hub of a wheel, a mutual dependence that makes experience move in an ordered way. To put it in emotive terms: as I am moved, I want to be moving.

By Robert Long
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The Dance Of The Elements

Just as the ultimate goal of our civilization is the perfect dominance of human will over all physical processes, the pot of gold at the rainbow’s end for these ancient cultures was the realization of the One Law which would link every dimension of the universe. Astrology, with its Four Elements, is one heirloom passed down to us from those alien days.

By Steven Forrest
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Fearing Life, Writing Lives

Book Review

The style in which William Dubin the biographer writes, in which he speaks, and in which this novel about him is largely written, is detached and often ironic. Dubin is obsessed with lives and the lessons they impart.

By David M. Guy
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Thinking today again about fate, the substratum of what is possible, and then the power we have once we are in close touch with what is there. Where the power to act and to change things and to create really lies.

By Judy Hogan

Photographs By Rameshwar Das

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By Rameshwar Das