Why I Am Not Going To Buy A Computer | By Wendell Berry | Issue 399 | The Sun Magazine

Why I Am Not Going To Buy A Computer

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Wendell Berry’s essay “Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer” [March 2009] inspired me to think about all the things my computer has done for me. When my children were small, it allowed me to work from home and keep my job as a part-time children’s-book editor. My computer helped me to raise my children the way I wanted to, not to mention saving me (and the environment) countless hours of commuting time. It also provided me with intellectual stimulation and a lifeline to adults when I might otherwise have gone crazy from changing diapers and soothing tantrums.

I love my computer — though, admittedly, I might feel more like Berry does if I, too, had a wife to do my typing for me.

Nadia Higgins Minneapolis, Minnesota
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