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Political Paralysis

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In her essay “Political Paralysis” [November 2004] Danusha Veronica Goska writes, “When we study the biographies of our heroes, we learn that they spent years in preparation, doing tiny, decent things before one historic moment propelled them to center stage and used them to tilt empires.”

It was just this year, when I turned forty-four, that I really started contributing to change. I so desperately wanted George W. Bush out of office that I knew I could no longer just wish for it. For the first time I volunteered for a political campaign, and I was proud to assist in John Kerry’s win in Wisconsin. I wrote impassioned letters to friends who were Bush supporters and changed the mind of one, in Florida. Now I’m writing letters to Bush to let him know why I was one of the 55 million who didn’t vote for him.

Joan Baez says in your November Sunbeams: “Action is the antidote to despair.”

Lauranne Bailey Madison, Wisconsin
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