Issue 172 | The Sun Magazine

March 1990

Readers Write

A Favorite Sight

Red hair, crimson toenails, a man’s chest

By Our Readers


Oh God! May I be alive when I die.

D.W. Winnicott

The Sun Interview

The Way To Partnership

An Interview With Riane Eisler

In business, there’s an increasing emphasis on teamwork and a new vision of leadership — leadership that elicits creativity and productivity rather than controlling. And in the restructuring of the family, we’re beginning to see clearly the shift toward partnership.

By Laurie Fox & D. Patrick Miller
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Trip To Manmad And Other Stories

This dusty, hot Saturday, I have the privilege of meeting a very significant person: a mad, starving, nearly naked little girl who picks through the garbage outside a whorehouse on the outskirts of a dusty Indian town.

By Jon C. Jenkins

The Black Siamese Twins Meet Queen Victoria

They lived too close for harsh words. It was as if at any given minute a sharp word or careless thought could push them over some terrible edge, tearing them apart.

By Carrie Knowles


Her speech softened and slowed. She learned to say “ain’t,” to let a handshake trail off. She learned to ask about family before business, to work up to her questions, not throw them in a body’s face.

By Stewart Massad

My Eros Is Crucified

During a time of intolerance when even the children killed for righteousness and peace, Eros descended, wandering among his children of the flesh. They knew him not.

By Mark David DeBolt


Then she is walking across the lawn toward you in her silky blue dress. An old woman now, but more handsome than ever with her pure white hair up in a bun, her smile, the little blue vein in her forehead.

By Jim Sandefur