Issue 131 | The Sun Magazine

October 1986

Readers Write

The Library

The library is a trap; it is the subversion of secrecy; it is the first and best sanctuary of the life of the mind

By Our Readers


If error is corrected whenever it is recognized as such, the path of error is the path of truth.

Hans Reichenbach

The Sun Interview

Krishnamurti Remembered

Two People Taking Shelter In The Rain | From The Writings Of Krishnamurti

Two People Taking Shelter In The Rain | To live in truth is to live in the moment, to be dynamically in step with it without gathering in the residue which he calls time — thought, memory, the past — and equates with falsehood.

From The Writings Of Krishnamurti | Freedom is not a reaction; freedom is not choice. It is man’s pretense that because he has choice he is free. Freedom is pure observation without direction, without fear of punishment and reward.

By Renée Weber | By J. Krishnamurti
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Reader Behind The Writer

A great masterpiece might sit there beside some obscure and shoddy effort. Schools and universities told you what books were great and worthy and famous; a library sat there mutely and let you decide.

By David Guy
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

God Bless The Child

Compassion filled the car with a tangible presence. He was dying; but it seemed to me they had all come to terms with it. All three of them had accepted the inevitable, and each moment together was precious. Neither I nor my saxophone would be forgotten.

By Stewart Brinton

Gold And Black

Then he turns to me, and direct as an arrow says, “You gonna be there?” (This, I thought, is what they refer to in books as “the moment of truth.”) My heart was creeping up my esophagus like an inchworm; but my tongue would not unwind.

By David Koteen

Fire Moving In The Sky

It was the first time events made a difference, the first time I recognized an involvement in what happened beyond the few back yards and playmates that were my universe, the first time anyone said, “You will remember this day forever,” and I believed it.

By David Brendan Hopes