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November 1984

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Acceptance, obediance, rote movements

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The best politics is right action.


The Sun Interview

Don’t Blame Nature

An Interview With Frances Moore Lappé

There is no correlation between scarcity of resources, density of population, and hunger. Hunger exists where there is a small minority of people who control the resources and use them for their benefit.

By Howard Jay Rubin
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Peak Experience

The problem has to do with our senses, and with the curiously impoverished view of reality that we hold. . . . Wine, mescalin, pot — all these chemical ways of solving the problem tend to let us down half the time

By Colin Wilson
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A Thousand Years Later

Electricity came to Akcil six weeks before I did. There is only one way to reach the village — the hard way, by the road north to the precipitous edge of Turkey, and that is the road the new power line and I both took.

By Jon Sensbach
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Understanding Pain

(Part Two)

We just happen to be participating in a peculiar local distortion of reality. The planet Earth is as near to a mistake as the law will allow.

By Thaddeus Golas