Issue 105 | The Sun Magazine

August 1984

Readers Write


To a wedding reception in Buffalo, across the endless Atlantic, with LSD to a raki bottle with a note inside

By Our Readers


The physical senses actually can be said to create the physical world, in that they force you to perceive an available field of energy in physical terms, and impose a highly specialized pattern upon this field of reality. Using the physical senses, you can perceive reality in no other way.

Seth in Jane Roberts’ Seth Speaks

The Sun Interview

The Doctor Who Won’t Charge

An Interview With Patch Adams

People are not their diseases. They are the same weak fragile beings that we ourselves are. Traditionally, a physician in general practice follows patients throughout their lives, but without touching on the quality of a person’s life, their loves, concerns, and fears, we ignore a gigantic area of resource and of disease.

By Fred Hean

Cold Steel

She could have been cast as a nun in an old Bing Crosby movie, the one who trailed the heroine and only came in on the chorus. Charlotte was a person who seemed to have no childhood, whom you could not imagine as younger than she was at the moment you met her.

By Sallie Tisdale

Selected Stories

A Zen monk and a Catholic priest were walking along a road. They came to a baby crying by the side of the road. The monk did nothing. The priest picked up the baby and held it in his arms. The baby stopped crying, and soon the mother came and took it from the priest.

By Sparrow

The Last Great Western Stock Drive

The chickens calmed down and began to develop their social positions. Chickens threatened other chickens, pecked and clawed, clucked and squawked. From the cacophonous mass, seven hens emerged dominant.

By Jon Remmerde