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Reshad Feild

Reshad Feild refers to himself as a “retired Sufi.” He’s an author, an esoteric healer, a sheik of the Mevlevi Dervish order, a teacher, and the founder of more than a half dozen schools of “alternative education.”

— From June 1983

To Know We Are Loved

An Excerpt From Reshad Feild’s The Invisible Way

The frustration was intense. It was a sense of pain, a yearning to know something that could change my life and perhaps the lives of those around me. I felt irritated with myself. Why couldn’t I find the words to express the longing?

June 1983
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The Last Barrier

A Journey Through The World Of Sufi Teaching

“Today we are going together to meet the Perfect Man, the Master who has come to love God so perfectly that God’s attributes pour out through him into the world with no veil between.”

July 1978
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