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Mohandas K. Gandhi

Mohandas K. Gandhi was the leader of the Indian independence movement and a vocal advocate of nonviolent resistance. He was assassinated in 1948.

— From March 2017
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On Nonviolent Resistance

There are two ways of countering injustice. One way is to smash the head of the man who perpetrates injustice and to get your own head smashed in the process. All strong people in the world adopt this course. Everywhere wars are fought and millions of people are killed.

March 2017
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excerpted from
All Men Are Brothers

I have been practicing with scientific precision nonviolence and its possibilities for an unbroken period of over fifty years. I have applied it in every walk of life — domestic, institutional, economic, and political. I know of no single case in which it has failed.

October 2011
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All Men Are Brothers

Selections From The Writings Of Gandhi

I do not want to be reborn. But if I have to be reborn, I should be born an untouchable, so that I may share their sorrows, sufferings, and affronts levelled at them, in order that I may endeavour to free myself and them from that miserable condition.

May 1983
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