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Miles Harvey


Miles Harvey was swarmed by wasps during the total eclipse of the sun in 2017. He survived to complete his latest book of nonfiction, The King of Confidence.

— From November 2022

Beachcombers In Doggerland

As he watches his daughter vanish in one direction and his wife in another, he thinks whatever it was that once held his family together has long since gone the way of that doomed landmass, swallowed by the sea.

November 2022
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Here Comes Your (Middle-Aged) Man

The Pixies — whose members looked minuscule on stage, even through my new prescription glasses — were a pioneering alternative-rock outfit from the late 1980s and early 1990s. My younger self had adored them. Much to his dissatisfaction, he never got the chance to see the band play live before they broke up in 1993. Now they were on a reunion tour — and so, it seemed, were my former self and I.

September 2015

Meet Mr. Fist

Random violence, as I practice it, is a delicate task. You want to injure the punchee just enough to make him or her think, without causing any major damage.

October 1992
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