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Lyn Lifshin


Lyn Lifshin’s many collections of poetry include Katrina, Lost Horses, and Barbaro: Beyond Brokenness. She split her time between New York and Virginia and was the subject of the documentary film Lyn Lifshin: Not Made of Glass. She died in 2019.

— From August 2020

The Other Side Of The Moon

A Tribute To Lyn Lifshin

A submission from Lifshin would often include dozens of poems about a single subject: a relationship, a memory, dancing the tango. (Dance — including ballet and ballroom — was her second great love, after writing.)

August 2020

The Pearls

An engagement present from my husband’s parents, / they seemed like something from a yearbook photograph. / I’d have preferred a wrought-iron pendant, costume / beads that caught the sunlight.

June 2015

Three Days Before My Mother’s Birthday

I run into a young woman almost staggering across / the street. I’m surprised to see it’s someone I / know. She seems pale.

May 2010
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