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Lou Lipsitz

Lou Lipsitz has published four books of poems, the most recent of which, If This World Falls Apart, won the Blue Lynx Prize. He was once a political-science professor and is now a psychotherapist who specializes in men’s issues. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

— From June 2014

Freud, 1938, Vienna

Vienna, 1938, Freud, eighty-two. / Nazis and their allies parade in the streets, / flag after flag and those raised arms, / ceaseless enthusiasm and hatred of the Jews. 

June 2014

After A Dream

In the night I spoke of my father again / how he vanished suddenly

May 2010

Anniversary Of My Father’s Death

For you, Dad, I turn on the ballgame. // It doesn’t matter which game, exactly, / does it? // So familiar, the way you spent the long hours / of your freedom, soaking up the drama, huge / warrior men in combat, lifting themselves / out of the mud

August 1998
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