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Kathleen Smith

Kathleen C. Smith lives in Cleveland, Ohio, where she is by turns a grandmother, child advocate, and writer. She is working on a novel titled The Child Minders.

— From September 1997

Starting Kevin

The idea of a baby sucking on her breast, the way her boyfriend back in Durant had liked to do, disgusted Vanessa, but she said she would try it. Kevin didn’t seem interested — just mouthed at her soft flesh and fell asleep — although he latched on quickly to the firm bottle nipple the maternity-ward nurses offered.

September 1997

I Wish I Had The Energy To Clean My Stove

Since I’ve never had an orgasm, I don’t know exactly how to fake one, but he seems satisfied with my little act. You’re the greatest, he always says afterward. You are, too, I say. It must have been in bed with Les that I learned to be such a liar.

July 1995

Don’t Take It Personally

“Go on up there and sing the hell out of that song, Shiffler,” Marva said, and then she hugged me, and I could feel the underside of her breasts brushing my shoulders.

May 1992
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