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Kate Vieira


Kate Vieira is a professor, international ethnographer, and single mom who lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Her nonfiction books include American by Paper: How Documents Matter in Immigrant Literacy and Writing for Love and Money. She is working on a memoir about single parenting, travel, and homeownership.

— From May 2023
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories


My perceived faults would be erased the day I donned the letter jacket that bore my last name across the back, all my inconvenient vowels blazing, with Cheerleader in a semicircle underneath.

May 2023
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

May You Bury Me

In three years, I thought, Lia’s chin would reach my crown. Or my crown would touch her chin? At some point the height order reverses itself, and then they leave you. Or you are overtaken by someone’s respiratory droplets in the produce section and you leave first.

August 2021
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