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Kamla K. Kapur

Kamla K. Kapur is a poet, author, and playwright and an Indian-born citizen of the United States. She currently lives half the year in the Kullu Valley of the Himalayas and the other half in California. Her books include the novel The Autobiography of Saint Padma the Whore and the story collection Ganesha Goes to Lunch, in which she retells classic tales and myths from the Hindu tradition.

— From December 2012
The Dog-Eared Page

The Water Carrier

Guru Gobind Singh’s small fort in Anandpur Sahib was besieged by the mighty forces of Emperor Aurangzeb. The emperor, who believed Islam was the only valid, true, and right religion, was forcibly converting Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians. Guru Gobind Singh, however, believed that all humans worshiped in their own unique ways and that all religions, if practiced with love and heart, led to God.

December 2012
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