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June Avignone

June Avignone lives in Paterson, New Jersey. She writes a column about socially conscious small businesses for Fortune’s website and is the former editor of the Mill Street Forward, a political/arts quarterly she started after the last daily left Paterson. She is currently working on a novella, and a children’s book titled The Secret Little Ones of Turtle Back Island. Her publications include Cianci Street: A Neighborhood in Transition (Italian Girls Press) and Traveling Small Distances (Chantry Press).

— From March 2003
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Cure We Wait For

But there is no time for mind games: chemo and radiation, both necessary, my doctor insists. I leave his office in a daze, knowing that cancer is an enemy to fear, yet not wanting to be afraid of anything. I wonder how deep inside me the answers to my pending decisions are buried. Part of me knows that the cure goes beyond what their weapons can touch, that I must search for it from the inside out.

March 2003
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