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Eleanore Devine

Eleanore Devine lives in Winnetka, Illinois. Her collection of short stories, You’re Standing in My Light, was published last year by Beacon Press. She has upcoming stories in Other Voices and Southwest Review. An earlier version of her story in this issue first appeared in Nit & Wit.

— From February 1991

The Color Of Light

Through rain and sun and fog, through snows that melted before he was done with them, in winds that screamed at him, the painter stamped and shouted and reached out with his brush to catch the light before it was gone.

February 1991

Dear Michael

Kevin Murray, retired, one-time police chief of a small midwestern city, turned on his electric typewriter and began his third letter of the day. “Dear Abbie Hoffman, It says in the newspapers you killed yourself because you weren’t getting enough attention. Makes sense. More sense than most of what you said. . . .”

June 1990

Heritage Clay

Her fingers caressed her statue. She pressed her thumbs into the woman’s forehead. Her beloved clay was soft and cool and oily. Her mother had willed her the clay. Heritage clay. Ninety years old. “It will mold your life,” her mother had said. Now Dorothy’s life threatened the clay. Her hand was too heavy.

January 1987
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