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Dwight Yates

Dwight Yates’s first collection of stories, Haywire Hearts and Slide Trombones, received the Serena McDonald Kennedy Award from Snake Nation Press, and his second, Bring Everybody, was the inaugural winner of the Juniper Prize. Twice a recipient of NEA fiction fellowships, he taught for many years in the writing program at the University of California, Riverside. He lives in Redlands, California, where he and his dog air their differences regarding garden management.

— From July 2011

His Mrs. K

She sits in the kitchen with coffee and a view of the soft rain. This is her early-morning time alone and always the best part of the day, before he awakens and she must adjust to his moods, his needs. This, her hour of resolve — not to do anything in particular, but only to bear on through the morning.

July 2011

Our Impending Reconciliation

Sheila won custody. I get alternate weekends and a month in the summer, plus special events if I give notice in advance. It’s working out, mostly. Mark is eight and such a crackerjack, playing soccer and reading Sherlock Holmes.

May 2004
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