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Christien Gholson

Christien Gholson lives in Des Moines, Iowa, far from his natural habitat, the sea. His poems and stories have appeared in Gaia, Lactuca, and Lilliput Review.

— From September 1994

Raised By Cats

I took a deep breath. Whenever the ground is expecting, I like to walk. I can feel it reach right up through my legs to meet the sky. The blood of everything rises to meet the tension of the coming clouds before a good rain.

September 1994

The Worlds Are Unstable By Nature

It snowed three nights in a row, the first heavy snowfall in Livorno in more than twenty years. The Red Brigade, angered by US. involvement in Vietnam, were busy that month spray painting US GO HOME in jagged red letters all over the American-owned cars in town.

February 1994
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