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Catherine Freeling

Catherine Freeling lives in Berkeley, California, where she enjoys taking long walks on many of the city’s 136 footpaths. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Prairie Schooner, Mississippi Review, Poet Lore, and Rattle.

— From June 2017

Truth Telling

In his version the river had practically dried up. / No way, I said. I was there not long ago. / The river looked fine.

June 2017

Ode To A Summer Evening In France

We ate snails from their shells, dipped bread in the sauce. / The man we were visiting poured more wine, / said he hoped we’d stay a long time.

February 2016

On His Ninety-Fifth Birthday, I Find My Dead Father On The Internet

I can still picture the room where he set up his ham radio. / Homemade furniture. Threadbare rug. A small space heater.

June 2015
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