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Alma Blount

Alma Blount is a journalism student at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She’s the former assistant editor of THE SUN.

— From March 1980

The Hill

Photographs By Alma Blount

I’m especially grateful to the Wrenn family for their warmth to me during this undertaking. They were completely honest in front of the camera. I was a stranger to them but to my amazement, they were willing to express the love they have for each other as a family without inhibition before my curious eyes.

March 1980
The Sun Interview

Another View

An Interview With Tony Waldrop

I never thought I was much more talented than other people, until I quit. I think now maybe I did have quite a bit of talent. I think the biggest thing that helped me while I was running is the fact that I am just extremely determined.

March 1978
The Sun Interview

Running: Face To Face With Yourself

An Interview With Peter And Martha Klopfer

Everybody can win in a race, you see, if they’ve all improved their personal records. You’ve seen this in track meet after track meet, there’s the guy who comes in last but it’s a personal record for him. He gets as much applause from his buddies as the guy who won.

March 1978
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Spectrum/A Community Access Guide

Dance: Back To The Roots

In 1969, you could study dance in Chapel Hill either at Bounds Studio, or in a physical education class. A glance at the listing of dance classes in this section shows how that’s changed.

November 1976
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