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Adrie Kusserow

Adrie Kusserow lives in Underhill, Vermont. Because she believes that the best way to bring lasting benefits to the world is to expand educational opportunities for girls, she is currently in South Sudan with the Africa Education and Leadership Initiative ( Her next book of poems, Refuge, will be published in May 2013.

— From August 2012

E-mail Elegy

Dedicated to e-mails from Save Darfur, War Child, Africa Action, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Free the Slaves, AIDS Action, and Doctors Without Borders. | How quietly they land, / bits of global sorrow accumulating like snowfall / as I teach a class, attend a meeting, / make a cup of tea.

August 2012

Beneath The Sky, The Longing

Bhutan, 2010 | At the top of the Thimphu hills the sun leaves its afterbirth everywhere, / prayer flags drench the pines, / a monk scampers away like a red fox

March 2011

Indra’s Net

We mothers meet on the playground, sun-hungry, / kicking at scabs of ice, / shuffling and bumping tired sentences against each other, / all too broken by winter / to say how things really are.

November 2009
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