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Abhishiktānanda was born in France in 1910. Benedictine monk Henri le Saux moved to India in 1948 as a Christian missionary. His encounter there with Hindu spirituality led him to adopt the life of an Indian holy man and to take the name Abhishiktānanda (“the Bliss of the Anointed One”). Many of his writings attempt to bridge Christian faith and the Hindu philosophy of advaita, or nondualism. He lived his final years as a wandering monk in the hermit caves of Arunachala, a holy mountain in southern India. He died in 1973.

— From October 2010
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Simply Becoming Aware

That you are, my friend, you know well. Your experience every moment reminds you of it. Simply find out who you are, find out what it is in you that does not depend on the changing circumstances of your bodily or mental existence, that kernel of your consciousness which, in the last analysis, cannot be identified with any of the external circumstances in which you find yourself.

October 2010
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